Monday, 29 December 2014

5. Here we are again

Sort of forgot about this blog. Sorry and all that. Had a wonderful years sailing - including a significant birthday sail  - and the boat is still in the water. I shall proceed to post images mainly from an electronic imaging device / phone here. Like these first three from Yesterday.

Visiting crew;

4. Again

That's two days in a row. Although today we didn't get off the mooring as we had Admiral Coelyne onboard to check the string was wired right and everything. It wasn't as it happens but we had a lovely time as we went about sorting things out.

And no, it's not all sorted. And no, it's not all sorted.

3. We've bin out

Andrea knitting the string at the pointy end with the sun beating down. You can tell that by her lack of layers!

Still knitting while Capt'n Eve snaps away with her electric imaging device.

See, we went sailing and everything. Eve started the motorised paddling device, pointed the steering stick, took snaps. Andrea sat and recovered from her exertions. Andrea hadn't managed to get that big white blanket at the front up and sorted. She knows how to do it now - we think.

2. Wet

The boatee got a bit wet on the inside. It is not meant to I believe. tyhe wet stuff is meant to be on the outside only when we looked inside as the boat sat on it's cradle outside our mansion, I thought "that 6" of water in the cabin shouldn't be there". I was right on that occasion too.

I's all sorted now. The water was rain water and ingressed [technical term for ;got in'] because the boatee is not sitting at the right angle and the deck drains blocked up and  etc.

Should be all right now. And will be when on the water too I hope.

1. in the begiining

This is Lapwing not Freyja.
It is The Thames not The Minch.
But it is Freyja's crew.