Sunday, 27 December 2015

Post Festive Sail

Despite the weather - sun calm seas and what-have-you - we took ourselves out to the boatee just for a check look-see. Only we couldn't get the small mechanical paddling device going in the blow-up no matter how hard I pulled on the rope thing. Actually, that's not entirely true, it did start but didn't keep going. Eve rowed the thing out to Freyja in the calmness of the inner harbour enjoying the late summer we never had.
Freyja was just fine though. She's survived storm after storm on her swinging mooring collecting half-eaten beings deposited by passing gulls on her foredeck. The old Parsun o/b started on the third pull so we took the opportunity for a quick turn round the outer harbour - w
ithe sails up and intially flapping about uselessly. The breeze did come and we bobbed across the outer harbour on the big swell invading the area.
What a lovely if brief sail on a wonderful day.