Sunday, 28 June 2015

36. Nice snap

Look at that! We look almost normal here in this photo taken by visiting boats women Kathy Lang who was in toon with her partner Daniel. They were on a nice big boatee too - with, wait for it, two loos not just 1 I'll have you know. Lovely name too - Aramis.
I think that's how boats are measured these days - their 'heads' or whatever. Freyja is a no-heads boat and comes at the bottom of the pile, can just abut limp out to the open sea and back again in our hands so we can rush to the on-shore 'facilites' on our return. Daniel and Katy seem to be able to stray away from their home post of Cherbourg - yes that's proper France and everything - and be comfortable as it were. They were off to Orkney and then somewhere else if the weather allowed. They are back here now!
Seemed amazing that the sun was shining when Katy snapped up this photo. I think it was cold though.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

35. Yes, it rained.

Just back from a quick sail in the outer harbour in Stornoway in miserable rain- again. A little breeze to move us along at 3 kts for the short time were we out there though.

Didn't have much time to shoot the breeze or what ever one does in boats but the sails got up then down and the engine worked. What's not to like? Rain, that's what.

Eve went out rowing afterwars in the Stornoway St Ayles skiff ready for the Portsoy Festival coming up soonish - once she has ridden the 100km bike ride this weekend.

Please on't look at the flappy things, they may not be hanging well.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

34. A midsummer sail

Wonderful first sail of a late starting season and again it was with Gerald The Great and Sue. Our Freyja didn't play properly splitting a hose on the fuel line so we were invited about the lovely Ammonite by Gerald and Sue.

Seemed a lovely idea and soon we were ensconced aboard the lovely boat and headed out the harbour in the sunshine. Only it wasn't long before the sky darkened ahead.

And that darkness soon turned to rain - and lots of it. You could tell it was midsummers day as I only had four layers on and the waterproofs were leaking!

Ammonite is a fine boat of the Crabber type. Looks lovely on the water and great to be on - especially if you like a constant stream of water off the mainsail down your neck. We kept the engine going as the wind was a tad elusive at times and, the rain heavy.

See, that's Eve and Sue blow enjoying the delights of the mid summer with a wee rain cloud behind over Stornoway.

Twas a wonderful afternoon only dampened by the mild hypothermia that Eve and I suffered!
We did meet Seamus and his pals out in the old dipping lugsail 'Jubilee' snagging the only mackerel between here and Shetland.

What a lovely day!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

33. The mechanical paddling device

We braved the wind and the rain, pootled out in the little blow-up to the swinging mooring and wrestled the MPD into her. Now the MPD is with Angus the Outboard having a little tickle back to life!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

32. The first sail of the season, the first hassle and the first triumph

Eve photographs me with my camera in the wee boatee captains cabin after the triumph relieved we were to be there.

We'd been out to make sure all the bits of the boat were ok - clean and tidy with all the bits of string in the right place and the big blanket things going up and down well.  All was well.  We had a cup of green tea and a Tunnocks so we thought we'd go for a wee sail- the first of the season. There was a little breeze and the sun shone from time to time despite the cold wind from the north.

We started up the Parsun outboard and pootled out beyond the parked ferry in the harbour, raised a reefed mainsail and,,,,, the motor just died. Couldn't start the thing again either and fuel was leaking out it seemed! So undaunted we raised a bit of genoa, turned on our heals and tacked back and back again [and again etc] across the harbour to get back to the mooring - only to get there was straight into the wind. We took a close line past the harbour wall, the ferry and the fishing boats and as luck would have it we managed to get across to the other side of the harbour where we doused the mainsail and quietly genoa 'd to the mooring. What a relief and triumph [for us]. Pain in the pervberbial about the outboard - hopefully it will work again. However, need to get the Honda 2.3 sorted first!

Friday, 12 June 2015

31. In

At last. After a great deal of mucking about Freyja is in the water - along with the good ship blow-up which sadly has sprung a leak.

We'd towed the old tub down to Stornoway harbour behind a hired van - which was almost in as good as condition as the boat! Still, we made it and didn't leave a trail of bits behind us.

Mr Toots came down and very kindly spent the day with me while I flitted [farted] around doing this and that with bits of wire string and bolt things. Co-opted a passing cyclist [many thanks] onto the mast raising and soon the thing was up. Of course had to alter a few things as the furler was the wrong way round so co-opted the mink culling boys who were launching their rib onto the furler turning crew and soon that was done too. Tea was taken, eyebrows raised and all as well.

Good job dear Eve brought along a fine fellow from work [Owen] who donned his wet-suit and pushed the boatee off the immersed trailer while Gerald The Great controlled things with ropes from behind the van.

Freyja still floats and soon she was out on the mooring. We rowed back where I jumped out and Owen jumped in to help Eve row a deflating blow-up back to the marina! Eh?

Fun, fun, fun. Thanks so much to everyone who lent a hand! Now for sailing !

Monday, 1 June 2015

30. Temperature is rising - nearly 10 C !

I can't believe it's June already and the boat is still not in. I blame the weather as temperatures are still low, rain still dominates and the fire at home encourages me to stay beside it!

We did venture to help at the Row Stornoway regatta on Saturday. St Ayles skiffs, laughing peoples and food. Oh, and a little sunshine between the showers. Great fun.

Now for putting Freyja in!