Saturday, 28 May 2016

Seemed like a nice day for sailing

So we didn't. We painted some wood bits that looked scruffy and rued forgetting the radio and everything.

We a  lovely day though.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

I could get used to this weather

Of course the sun was shining again. Warmish too and just a little breeze so we went out to Freyja again this time bringing her back for a visit to see Ammonite with Gerald and Sue. Gerald helped us mend the broken cam-cleat and the sort the non-working depth-charge thing. So we went out to celebrate.

Oooh, Freyja looks so very small among the wee boaties of the Stornoway marina. She lives on a swinging mooring but came in temporarily and everything.

We wern't the only ones out sailing about. A french boat went out to play as did some local boats.

But if the sun went in - as it did from time to time, it got a little chilly.  Still, had a lovely time but were rather surprised to see one local sailing boat [not pictured] go into the inner harbour fully sailed up, at quite a pace, seemingly bouncing off a moored boat almost crashing into Cuddy Point and then swerve to a stop. What was all that about then?

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I'm not about to overdo it.

We were out again. In the sun again. Enjoying it - again.

Bit more of breeze this time - f3-f4. Tucked the sails in a bit so Eve would be happier but we still poddled along nicely out into the wavy water. We weren't alone in going out either. Uncle Toby Marshall was out in his boat called Chloe and young Ken was out in Scorpio along with my lovely dentist Joanna who took some snaps of us while we took snaps of Toby and Joanna with Ken. Eh?

See, Ken with Joanna on Scorpio.

Toby in Chloe with Eve driving Freyja.

Lovely evenings sail all round. Proper wind, proper wave things and everything.

Some old tub in the marina at the moment!

And two snaps from Joanna on Scorpio. That's us on Freyja apparently.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Whoa !

I was out sailing again in the unexpected [for here] sunshine. Despite the severe force 1 gale and 1mm swell in the outer harbour, My visiting crew and I wallowed around a bit trying to keep in the shade. Eventually, the gale abated, the swell disappeared and we had to motor in. Lovely hour or two bobbing around though.

Crew David doing the driving with the steering stick and everything.

That swell !