Saturday, 14 May 2016

I could get used to this weather

Of course the sun was shining again. Warmish too and just a little breeze so we went out to Freyja again this time bringing her back for a visit to see Ammonite with Gerald and Sue. Gerald helped us mend the broken cam-cleat and the sort the non-working depth-charge thing. So we went out to celebrate.

Oooh, Freyja looks so very small among the wee boaties of the Stornoway marina. She lives on a swinging mooring but came in temporarily and everything.

We wern't the only ones out sailing about. A french boat went out to play as did some local boats.

But if the sun went in - as it did from time to time, it got a little chilly.  Still, had a lovely time but were rather surprised to see one local sailing boat [not pictured] go into the inner harbour fully sailed up, at quite a pace, seemingly bouncing off a moored boat almost crashing into Cuddy Point and then swerve to a stop. What was all that about then?

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