Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I'm not about to overdo it.

We were out again. In the sun again. Enjoying it - again.

Bit more of breeze this time - f3-f4. Tucked the sails in a bit so Eve would be happier but we still poddled along nicely out into the wavy water. We weren't alone in going out either. Uncle Toby Marshall was out in his boat called Chloe and young Ken was out in Scorpio along with my lovely dentist Joanna who took some snaps of us while we took snaps of Toby and Joanna with Ken. Eh?

See, Ken with Joanna on Scorpio.

Toby in Chloe with Eve driving Freyja.

Lovely evenings sail all round. Proper wind, proper wave things and everything.

Some old tub in the marina at the moment!

And two snaps from Joanna on Scorpio. That's us on Freyja apparently.

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