Tuesday, 17 March 2015

18. Yep, I've started so I will finish. Soon.

I can hear you all Tut-tutting from here. Yes, it is a bit better than it was before. No, the power washing did little good and yes all the 'stuff' I'm using to do this work smells horrible so it must be good.

The iron keels were wire brushed - by hand and later with a drill attachment that threw clouds of dust everywhere. Took off all the loose bits, the rust and what have you - although the rust was back in the morn! Never mind I did then coat the things with Rust Converter stuff that made the rusty bits go black. It feels like it should be better anyway. Perhaps I'll use some Gel coat paste to fill in the bumpy bits before I prime the things. I know, I know, it not how it should be done - but I am doing it this way anyway.

Since we have had an unprecedented three days warm sunshine, the wood is not dripping wet so I sloshed some water based sealant on it and that looked better straight way - if you ignored the damaged bit and the flakes of something else falling off. If you squint a bit and view it from a distance in the shade, it looks quite / almost passable.

But the piece of resistance or what ever one says, was the commencement of the gel coat repair that was required at the pointy end. At least it stuck on and when it's sanded back and covered in anti foul paint it will look ok - especially since it'll be in the water!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

17. Sunshine at last

It seems that sunshine has arrived for the first time this year. The horizontal rain has abated as have the strong winds. The breezes are still a tad cool but it didn't stop us getting to work on the wee boatee today.
We borrowed a power washer and gave her bottom a good wash - even though I must admit it doesn't look any better than before. Scrubbed and started to wire brush the keels too that are going to require a bit of tlc. We have some Coor var rust converter to use then a coat or two of Primer before the anti fouling.

The wood is a bit tatty too but I have started to smooth that off and give a coat of water based wood sealer that I'm told works well.

The little housey bit has been emptied out, cleaned and dried in the sunshine. The mainsail was washed and dried - drying in the Summer Parlour as I type. The Genoa has already had that treatment. All in all a good days work.

Bring on the sailing days!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

16. Re-working

There she is, floating and proper like. As she should be. And shot on film from the blow-up with a small camera. How good is that?

We have started to solve some of her current issues. Like emptying the anchor chain place of all the seawater - it must be aided by the rope that goes from there to the outside world. No more though. I cut the rope and capped the hole thing. Took three gallons of water out too - no wonder she was front heavy on the trailer.

The cabin vent has been sorted. The pudding bowl held in place with copious amounts of gaffer tape has been replaced by a new top bit which thankfully just screwed in so we didn't have to reseal a new base bit.

The mast has been taken down from laying on the top of the boat, the genoa finally removed and washed in the rain - and we have had plenty of that.

I feel a little better about Freyja now - I even wire brushed one of the keels - a little bit. There's loads more to do but I shall endeavour to keep you up dated!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

15. To the barn. Then back home

The recent breezes had taken their toll on the cover. I had paid a kings ransom for that too. I cut it off, chucked it away and pumped up the tyres.

Freyja was still there. The hailstones were there too after a huge fall in the night. Big string and wire rope everywhere. I tidied her up a bit for her short ride to the barn where I hoped to give her a chance to dry out a bit and add some varnish on the wood bits.

Mr Crofter turned up on time in his Pimpmobile and towed herself to the village barn. Only thing was, the door was too small. Actually it wasn't but what with the slope up to the door there was no way Freyja was going in - with or without the mast on top.

So back she came and now she sits forlorn in the little driveway at home. HHHCB [the cat] is very happy with things. She loves the boat to climb on!

Many thanks to Stuart and family for the previous use of their yard, The North Tolsta Grazings Committee for agreeing to let me use the barn - even though I couldn't get the thing in, to The Crofter and Dad Crofter for the tow and, to Murray for helping along the way.