Tuesday, 17 March 2015

18. Yep, I've started so I will finish. Soon.

I can hear you all Tut-tutting from here. Yes, it is a bit better than it was before. No, the power washing did little good and yes all the 'stuff' I'm using to do this work smells horrible so it must be good.

The iron keels were wire brushed - by hand and later with a drill attachment that threw clouds of dust everywhere. Took off all the loose bits, the rust and what have you - although the rust was back in the morn! Never mind I did then coat the things with Rust Converter stuff that made the rusty bits go black. It feels like it should be better anyway. Perhaps I'll use some Gel coat paste to fill in the bumpy bits before I prime the things. I know, I know, it not how it should be done - but I am doing it this way anyway.

Since we have had an unprecedented three days warm sunshine, the wood is not dripping wet so I sloshed some water based sealant on it and that looked better straight way - if you ignored the damaged bit and the flakes of something else falling off. If you squint a bit and view it from a distance in the shade, it looks quite / almost passable.

But the piece of resistance or what ever one says, was the commencement of the gel coat repair that was required at the pointy end. At least it stuck on and when it's sanded back and covered in anti foul paint it will look ok - especially since it'll be in the water!

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