Sunday, 8 March 2015

16. Re-working

There she is, floating and proper like. As she should be. And shot on film from the blow-up with a small camera. How good is that?

We have started to solve some of her current issues. Like emptying the anchor chain place of all the seawater - it must be aided by the rope that goes from there to the outside world. No more though. I cut the rope and capped the hole thing. Took three gallons of water out too - no wonder she was front heavy on the trailer.

The cabin vent has been sorted. The pudding bowl held in place with copious amounts of gaffer tape has been replaced by a new top bit which thankfully just screwed in so we didn't have to reseal a new base bit.

The mast has been taken down from laying on the top of the boat, the genoa finally removed and washed in the rain - and we have had plenty of that.

I feel a little better about Freyja now - I even wire brushed one of the keels - a little bit. There's loads more to do but I shall endeavour to keep you up dated!

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  1. The Pirate and myself would love to give a hand with scrubbing brush....when the big boat works and the weather permits!