Saturday, 14 March 2015

17. Sunshine at last

It seems that sunshine has arrived for the first time this year. The horizontal rain has abated as have the strong winds. The breezes are still a tad cool but it didn't stop us getting to work on the wee boatee today.
We borrowed a power washer and gave her bottom a good wash - even though I must admit it doesn't look any better than before. Scrubbed and started to wire brush the keels too that are going to require a bit of tlc. We have some Coor var rust converter to use then a coat or two of Primer before the anti fouling.

The wood is a bit tatty too but I have started to smooth that off and give a coat of water based wood sealer that I'm told works well.

The little housey bit has been emptied out, cleaned and dried in the sunshine. The mainsail was washed and dried - drying in the Summer Parlour as I type. The Genoa has already had that treatment. All in all a good days work.

Bring on the sailing days!

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