Sunday, 24 April 2016

We didn't sail

 We had planned sailing. Took the blow-up out to Freyja. Got aboard and everything. Got the string bit ready then, the mechanical paddling device on Freyja wouldn't start.

Was such a pity. weather lovely. sea state ok, time to go sailing but.... We didn't want to risk the no-motor option [again] as the tide was falling and getting back to our mooring between the rocks can be a tad tricky under sail. I took the opportunity to patch up the wood edge bits on the boat [strakes] with plastic padding but didn't feel like doing anything else.

So, we had a cup of tea, tried the MPD again with no luck and came in on the blow-up again. Talked to the Right Admirable G Hales, watched Toby and family go out, spoke to James about to go out with other in an engineless sgoth and generally mooched about. We came home then :-(

Saturday, 2 April 2016


Yes, the mainsail is done, it went up, caught the wind and we were off for a little sailette round the outer harbour. Sun was shining just about too. Eve drove cause she's got her day skipper ticket now. I was allowed to turn the radio on and off cause I got me radio vhf ticket.

That blue baggy thing is what passes for our mainsail. Reefed and everything on account of the severe force 2 blowing.