Monday, 6 April 2015

19. Progress

Dinghy transom painted

Bilge keel seams sealed
Bilge keels primed
Windows tested for leaks - they failed. At least we know where leaks are!
Anchor chain hole capped to stop ingress of water.
Anchor rope and chain found new home where the portaloo used to sit.

The Anchor chain has now been rescued from the harbour in Stornoway. We braved the force 5 breezes, took the dinghy round the corner from Cuddy Point so the wind would be blowing us the right way, waded through the slimy horrible mud and set off.

We got the anchor up and untangled from the mooring chain in the end - luckily twas a very low tide - then drifted and rowed, well Eve did anyway, back to Cuddy slipway where I then proceeded to slip on the weed and the like. I'm alright apart from a sore back and pride!

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