Saturday, 18 April 2015

21. sunshine; the boatees get to work

The sunshine brought Her Highness Hentrietta Cartier-Bresson out for a look see.The Wee boatee is her favourite climbing frame so she is not keen to see the painting being done.

Nice colour eh? Dunstan blue we call it. A mixture of two tins of foul paint we had. Can't waste now can we?

And while we were hard at work, the neighbours were having their roof tickled back to life.

Stornoway was lovely today - Gerald painting Ammonite, Trevor anti-fouling Iron Bark, James painting Jubilee and some erb putting in a new hatch for Mr Stephen and El Vigo. Lovely to see everyone so active out there. Can't wait to get out our wee boatee back in the water!

And don't forget Sail Stornoway this year. 13-18th July while the Hebridean Music Festival is on. Mark the web-site and get back to it soon for more details. And, yes there's more, the Stornoway Skiff Regatta May 29th & 30th.

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