Thursday, 30 April 2015

23. With Rosie

See, that's Captn Eve on Rosie enjoying the delightful weather on Loch Lochy. I think it's Loch Lochy. We'll pretend it is anyway since we sailed a lot on it. Loch Oich has too narrow a channel for proper sailing and the canal bits between them too - although we did try a little Dylan Winter noodling with the geona oop [a little unsuccessfully I might add].

Rosie is a YCA29 - simple but functional and sails ok really. Felt great when the sun shone anyway.

But it wasn't all sunshine. The snow came in too - great waves of the stuff that reduced visibility to to to, not very much and sent us scuttling back into Laggan Locks on the last day of our time there and the confines of an ever so slightly warmer cabin - and later the Eagle Barge Pub. The pub is excellent, has nice beers, good food, lovely staff and, is warm.

We really liked the trip. The sailing was nice, the place magnificent and we got to meet Charles Menzies, shipright and take coffee with him on his wonderful Junk Kung-fu-Tse. How good was that? Very since you ask.

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