Sunday, 21 June 2015

34. A midsummer sail

Wonderful first sail of a late starting season and again it was with Gerald The Great and Sue. Our Freyja didn't play properly splitting a hose on the fuel line so we were invited about the lovely Ammonite by Gerald and Sue.

Seemed a lovely idea and soon we were ensconced aboard the lovely boat and headed out the harbour in the sunshine. Only it wasn't long before the sky darkened ahead.

And that darkness soon turned to rain - and lots of it. You could tell it was midsummers day as I only had four layers on and the waterproofs were leaking!

Ammonite is a fine boat of the Crabber type. Looks lovely on the water and great to be on - especially if you like a constant stream of water off the mainsail down your neck. We kept the engine going as the wind was a tad elusive at times and, the rain heavy.

See, that's Eve and Sue blow enjoying the delights of the mid summer with a wee rain cloud behind over Stornoway.

Twas a wonderful afternoon only dampened by the mild hypothermia that Eve and I suffered!
We did meet Seamus and his pals out in the old dipping lugsail 'Jubilee' snagging the only mackerel between here and Shetland.

What a lovely day!

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