Friday, 12 June 2015

31. In

At last. After a great deal of mucking about Freyja is in the water - along with the good ship blow-up which sadly has sprung a leak.

We'd towed the old tub down to Stornoway harbour behind a hired van - which was almost in as good as condition as the boat! Still, we made it and didn't leave a trail of bits behind us.

Mr Toots came down and very kindly spent the day with me while I flitted [farted] around doing this and that with bits of wire string and bolt things. Co-opted a passing cyclist [many thanks] onto the mast raising and soon the thing was up. Of course had to alter a few things as the furler was the wrong way round so co-opted the mink culling boys who were launching their rib onto the furler turning crew and soon that was done too. Tea was taken, eyebrows raised and all as well.

Good job dear Eve brought along a fine fellow from work [Owen] who donned his wet-suit and pushed the boatee off the immersed trailer while Gerald The Great controlled things with ropes from behind the van.

Freyja still floats and soon she was out on the mooring. We rowed back where I jumped out and Owen jumped in to help Eve row a deflating blow-up back to the marina! Eh?

Fun, fun, fun. Thanks so much to everyone who lent a hand! Now for sailing !


  1. Well done seems to have gone well!!!!!

  2. That's boats all over. Cause no end of work.