Thursday, 5 February 2015

12. Fleeking fleek!

Thanks to the sterling work of the local massive, Freyja now nestled up in her temporary home prior to having a lot of TLC in the  dry. Without Stuart, Murray, Toots and The Crofter I would be tearing my hair out in the harbour somewhere. Whereas now I am home sat with a cup of hot tea, the radio 3 softly serenading me and HHHCB curled up farting contentedly. I on the other hand look wonderful and feel battered after the epic!

We, Eve and I were in town by 7.45 this morning and by eight I was on Freyja sorting the anchor chain [sorted and on a buoy for the moment], starting the engine that has been unused for a month and then deciding that fuel for the engine is probably a good thing - after which the thing started. Wonderful.

I got the tub Freyja and blow-up over to Cuddy point easily enough at highish tide and was met by the eager Toots. Soon we had rigged up the big string on the back of the tub so we could push her out ready to be brought backwards onto the trailer - which by this time had been brought down to the slip by Stuart and Murray. This trailer like many of the Leisure17 ones put the boat on arse first. The whole thing is a nightmare to be honest. If Murray hadn't had his kinky long boots and I hadn't got my feet / legs wet and Stuart hadn't been there to direct matters we would never had got it on! On it did go after a great deal of 'bother' and the like.

I asked the boys to leave it on the flat bit of Cuddy Point so I could dis-mast it with Toots as we had more time. That's when it really started to go wrong. I mean, some bits went ok but at one no two points I found the front bit of the tub Freyja crashing to the ground throwing me off and depositing me on the wet, cold concrete - albeit with extra bruises. I was not amused. I was not happy either I can tell you. We got the thing sorted - just about and retreated to a cafe where we had a chat to the lovely Graham Edwards who cheered us no end!

Later I came back in with Mr Crofter, his 'friend' Gemma in the re-mended Pimpmobile with which he kindly towed Freyja back to North Tolsta and Stuarts croft where it will sit until I can bear to look at it!

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  1. Well well well. How had I missed this blog? I needn't have been so coy about the 'friend who had an altercation with the ground' after all. I think it's a long time since I was described as 'lovely' by the way. Thanks.