Sunday, 5 June 2016

Och, what a scorcher

I think the temperature must have shot up into double figures so only 3 layers of clothing were required. And the wind was merely gusting f2 so didn't need to reef down. Only, the wind has been blowing for a few days form the NE and the sea had built up a right old swell. Rather uncomfortable to be honest.

Still, we took Freyja out for a couple of hours along with a few other boats.
Soon our supermarket bag that passes for a mainsail was filled. Then the wind died and the outboard was fired up again. Not so keen on the racket the engine makes so soon as we could we shut the thing off again - and still bowled along at 2kts ! Almost.

Twas lovely if a tad bumpy. Eve less than perky after a while in the bumpy water.

The light was lovely though. The seals looked happy and the gulls were diving for minows.

And we saw ChloeMcBoatFace with Toby Marshall as we came in. Hope they enjoyed the bumpy ride!

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