Monday, 3 October 2016

We have been sailing

Sorry and all that. Yes we have been sailing a bit - especially after we'd scraped and painted Freyja's bot when she sailed much much better. Hard to believe how a few barnacles and what have you ruin the boats ability to go through water properly.

The weather has been nice of late - after a few Autumn gales had passed through. There's lots of action outside in the bay with loads of boats and a bent oil rig that went aground on the island. Fair wearing out our water with all their rushing about.

This is Stormoway's marina. See, our dinghy on the pontoon as we empty out all the rainwater! Freyja is tucked away in the distance halfway between here and the outer harbour on a swinging mooring. Only, we met sailing supremo / author Ian Stephen on the ferry the other day and he suggested I look at the mooring which he laid for us three years ago. Wasn't sure what I was looking for but the mussels seem to be covering it up anyway. I took the mussels off and found a slight freying of the rope. Maybe this needs changing soon.

Just to celebrate we still had a working mooring we tootled out for a sail in the sunshine and the outer harbour. Just lovely again. Hopefully, it's going to be a nice winter and we can sail on Christmas Day again!

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