Monday, 3 August 2015

52. Oops. It's that time of year again

Almost this time exactly to the day, we had a little mishap on the wee tub Freyja. The forestay came apart whilst out in the Minch. Luckily all ended well despite a nice bruise or two.

Today, we had another - although all ended being sorted easily - for us.

Had a call from William of Cromor earlier at 7am after he in turn had received calls from other locals of Cromore to say our wee tub Freyja was adrift in the harbour after a night of winds and rain. Bother I thought as we got up in a rush and shot down to Cromor [ 40 miles by road] thinking all the time the wee tub was on the rocks or drifting out to sea or something. We arrived in pouring rain and wind to find her tubship on a mooring!

What a relief I can tell you. Apparently, Freyja had dragged anchor and gone over to one side of the harbour but Kenny the Kindly Krofter went out with someone else - believed at this point to be his son - and brought it back to a mooring. We caught them coming back across the land from their boat. Would take nothing for their efforts. What wonderful people there are in the worl. Many thanks Mr Kenny the Kindly Krofter.

Gemma and William made us a welcome coffee, we walked their doggie Benn in the rain and came home - relieved


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  1. Yes. There are lots of lovely people in the world. It' s just a shame they are outnumbered by... But that's not the point. I'm pleased that Freyja is safe and sound.