Friday, 31 July 2015

51. Well, that was nice

Here, I'm still bobbing around in my head as I sit an write this. Is that meant to happen?

The day beckoned as Eve had the day off work and I wasn't working till late. Off we went with a huff and a puff down in the car to Cromor. Tea and chat sorted che William, Gemma and their visiting family and soon we were tootling out to Frejya in the blow-up.

It was a lovely if dull morning. Non of them blighter the midges around and not so much as a ripple in the harbour. Freyja sat there majestically - sort of.

Look at that; a nice breeze as we set off up Loch Erisort for a look-see.

The wind did die from time to time and the engine was used - when it started. Always a pain engines - always recalcitrant when you need them most like when the wind dies and you are drifting towards a reef!

All the same the morning was grand. The sun came out [and the wind died] - at least I think it was the sun. It got warm enough to take off the first two layers anyway. Loch Erisort is lovely - better from the water too. Fishermen to wave at, islands to gaze at, fish to catch oneself, and only a few submarining rocks to worry about.

Time passed quickly again as we edged up the water.

Yes, the fisherman waved.

Some little croft house on the north of the Loch.

Soon it was time to return. Wind behind us, 5 knots over land, coffee in the cup and then the wind quite picked up as we reached the end of the Loch. Gusted and everything so we drew in the genoa a bit, reefed in the main using my diy-rigged slab reef and bounced back to Cromor cursing the strong gusts.

We have left the wee tub Freyja at Cromor again swinging on her anchor. It's a nice spot to sail from for a day or two and you never know, we might have some warm weather soon!

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