Sunday, 26 July 2015

48. Please no!

Ah, there she is, skulking in the marina [very briefly Mr Harbour Master Sir] so she could be victualled - or whatever one calls it. I call it loading up.  Was a lovely day - little breeze but no swell or other wavy bits of note so we were looking forward to this. We were I might add,  here at about 8am.

Lovely sailing. Nice 3 knots and dry-ish. Mainly. Apart from when it rained.

See, was lovely sometimes. Eve threw caution to the wind and put a fishing line over the side but think the seals and porpoises must have got there first!

Didn't need the reef in the main but did require the engine from time to time to keep us going. Still, we called in to see Uncle William at his gaff in Cromor. Anchored Freyja and everything. And it stayed where is was meant to be. What a lovely spot this is - even when damp or peeing down as it was when we dropped the anchor. We meant to drop the anchor - it is what one does you know.

After refreshment and chat we took off down Loch Erisort to explore - but the rain came again so we parked nicely again round the back of  Challum Cille island and had tea, wine and a tootle round in the blow-up to explore between the rain showers. What a wonderful place this was. So sheltered and quiet - apart when the birds over-squawked. We slept well too.

Awoke early aware that a little blow was due in and set off back up the Loch. Only, the wind had already created a bit of excess rippling in the water. This got worse as we reached the sea and I didn't like it. I felt doomed or something. The wee boatee wasn't too keen either so we back-tracked to the calm waters of Cromor, dropped an anchor and cadged a lift back to Stornoway with Gemma [Mrs William] when she went to church.
We shall resume the expolorement next week - if the wee boatee is still there!

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