Sunday, 19 July 2015

45. More skills required

This sailing lark is not as easy as it first seems. Took part in the short course sailing challenge in a breezy outer harbour an came rather unstuck. Well, my head came unstuck really.

It was happening round a few buoys in the outer harbour. A bit of changing wind 4-5 and wave things. We shot off from the start with the wind behind us - in the lead and everything. First turn and Ammonite - gaff rigged crabber came past. Second turn - we struggled to make, the sails flapping about, the boat turning this way and that and the buoy refusing to pass us by easily. The water was flopping about most unhelpfully. It did pass in the end but the next leg of the course into the wind was difficult. We kept straying too close to the wind, the wind gusting more and more and our heartbeats raising a tad as the boatee healed over. We managed a few pirouettes too - although I'm told they are frowned upon but it was merely to give people something to look at.

At the next buoy - which we barely reached, the Sgoth skippered by James came close despite their dipping lug sail. We stopped. Not intentionally at this point. I just couldn't fathom how to get round the buoy.  I mean, I knew which way to go but try as I might, I couldn't get round what with the wind, the water and the fact that my head fell off - rolled across the cockpit floor an everything. That was it, I wasn't enjoying it any more and retired disappointed with myself. Sorry and all that. Need more practice me thinks.

And no, I have no snaps, the phone is still on the boat!

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