Wednesday, 8 July 2015

40. Sailing again. Sgoths, Tall ship, cruise liner and two ferries

Capt'n Owen at the tiller, thrashing the wee boatee Freyja back and forth as we attempt to gain some ground into the outer harbour from the Minch. Force 4-5 today, cool wind but a little sunshine too.

We were I might add joined by Sgoths Broadbay and Jubilee in the blustery conditions.

Of course, the Sgoths put us to shame as they get ready for Sail Stornoway.

Eve didn't mind though. The sun was nice, she was warm in her Fladen suit and the Tall Ship 'Leader'  that graced the inner harbour when we went out came out to raise her sails and head out to sea. The Cruise ship Le Soleal sat there waiting for the ferry Seaforth to come in to join  Isle of Lewis that is berthed here.

A grand evening - even if the mast light fell off, the genoa sheet came untied and the depth charge didn't work !

For the technically minded, the type that write things in little yellow-backed books sort of people, it was blowing 4-5, we had the main reefed well down and the genoa like a small hanki! We were out for 2-3 hours and the wind was going North - straight out the harbour. The tide was going out then in sort of thing. Enough?

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