Saturday, 11 July 2015

42. Yes, we went on board

Mmmm, lovely boat. The wooden one not the heap rust on the right. On second toughts, that's a bit harsh since that is one of the few fishing boats in the harbour that is not a bucket of rust!
Anyway, we, the posse from Sail Stornoway invite ourselves on board the Anna af Sand 1848 cargo vessel from Noway. All the way from Norway. Capt'n warmly welcomed us aboard into the cosy and suprisingly low ceilinged living/sleeping quarters and introduced us to Ole - a crew member / former Captn of 35 years . Wonderful it was too.

We'd just had a Sail Stornoway meeting [it's next week if you are wondering] where we discussed the dinghy training, the parade of sail and the Coronation Cup sail. I shall have to polish my - what ever one polishes in such situations if I am to take part in the latter.

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