Wednesday, 1 July 2015

37. Waved off by Daniel and Kathy

Whoa! What a difference a day or two makes. Warmth for a change and a little bit of breeze too so, with Kathy and Daniel waving me off from the pontoon [to make sure I go I should imagine ] I set off to Freyja in the little blow-up. In no time I was out the outer harbour heading into the unknown with wind in my blanket things and bananas waiting to be eaten.

Calm waters, boatists out everywhere - including some bod from a boating magazine who had blagged himself a sail and a place to stay.

4 knots speed! 4 I tell you and it was wonderful although my dear Eve had to work so I was persevering on my own with my new bit of stretchy string to stop the steering stick wandering when I let go of it. Works too. You just have to glare at it now and again to stop it going completely off course.

Look, that's somewhere. Near Stornoway beyond Tob or something. Lots of water anyway. Saw the Ammonite with Gerald and the bod following Ken in Scorpio into the little creek but I was too late. Missed the way to go in and with the depth charger being a tad dicky I gave that a miss.

Oh, how lovely it was. Saw,,,,,, saw things out there. Mist and everything. Got tired so set off back to harbour where I pinched the use of Gerald's mooring and awaited the return of the tide whilst sheltering under a badly set up blue thing. Felt great though. And even more so when I saw Ken and Gerald coming back in so went out to meet them under motor before braving the shallow lowish tide waters to our mooring. Great sail all round.
It rained soon after. Really mashed it down in the proper Isle of Lewis way. Summer is over two days after it began!

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