Sunday, 25 January 2015

10. I need another trip to the wee tub

Took a stroll out with Eve in the 'weather' today to see if Freyja was managing in the inclement weather of late. Constant gales have been battering the island. A fishing boat sank off the north end of the isles recently but all hands were saved by the wonderful coastguard helichopter people.

We gazed out from the pathway on the castle grounds over to Sober Island near where Freyja is parked. Something didn't look quite right but it took a while to work out what it was. The mooring bauble had gone and, the anchor chain seemed to be in the water making the wee tub lay oddly. I shall have to pop out, when the weather in kinder and sort her - or better still, bring her in to a nice dry barn.

Eve, bauble holding looks out to Freyja and her pals

Luckily, Eve found the offending bauble and we retrieved for re-attaching at another time. Would welcome some thoughts how we should attach the thing better to the mooring string if you have any ideas!

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