Wednesday, 14 January 2015

8. I think it's officially winter.

Coming back in the late afternoon afters a Christmas Week sail

See, the sky was a tad brighter earlier on

The weather is still a little brisk at the moment. Todays vaguely planned trip out to Freyja on her swinging mooring in the blow-up was thwarted as soon as I looked out the window this morning if I'm honest. The plan was sort of there but the thought of carrying the mechanical paddling device from the wee housey to the car and later to the blow-up - once I'd emptied the thing of accumulated rainwater - soon wore off. Especially since I was a tab weary from a couple of days mad driving around the island at night chasing miscreants from here to there - in the wind and snow and what have you. 

So, hopefully the tub Freyja is still ok. She looks ok from the harbour side anyway :-)

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