Saturday, 3 January 2015

6. The year ahead

Freyja is still in the water - bobbing about on her swinging mooring over by Sober Island in Stornoway. As it happens it is fairly sheltered there which is just as well as there is another blow coming in.

She needs to come out and be tickled back her glory so I am waiting for the day when the man with the car to trail the trailer is available, when some more muscle is also around, the tide is right with not much wind or ice. And so on. Hoping this might happen before the end of the year. 2015. You know, this year.

There's Freyja's bottom to clean and coat with a fresh coat of anti foul. The woodwork needs a slight bit of attention before it all falls into the harbour and there's other things to do too.

I do rather like this winter sailing lark though - when it's calmer that is. And now we have some warm gear to wear too it's doubly lovely. The sun is surprisingly warm when the breeze is soft - a far cry from last summer whn I found myself having to hide out of the direct sun and Eve took to her sun hat!

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