Sunday, 4 October 2015

Back with the blow-up's Mechanical Paddling Device

The mpd from Freyja is in hospital at the moment after being a refusenik in the starting department. It was either ask Angus the Outboard to look at it or use it for an anchor. I chose Angus - for the moment. I was ill the other day after continually thrashing the starting rope thing to get the mpd to play.

Yesterday we went out for a quick sail using the mpd from the blow-up. Only 2.3 hp but works like a dream. Did the same today in the sunshine and a little breeze. What a nice bob about although we didn't stray from the outer harbour. Still, we got 5 NM under the bilges averaged around 2.4 kts and maxed at 4.5kts - all under reefed main and full genoa. Must have been Eve's driving that meant it was such a lovely couple of hours. Even had a fine chat with Gerald the Great who was washing his Ammonite, and saw the reappearance of the sailors who sailed to Marvig last night. Bet they had a nice if slow sail home.


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