Sunday, 18 October 2015

No, we didn't sail

No wind at all again. So unusual up these parts. So, we took off to Stornoway to help Rear Admiral Gerald raise his mast on Ammonite - a Cornish  Crabber. When I say raise, I mean "try to raise". The mast had been off to repair the thing after it cracked during the Martime Festival dash round the harbour in blustery conditions. Plenty of bodies arrived to help including a passing back-packer [Ben ] who we moved on to the Sgoth sailing crew for a few hours afterwards. I think he had nothing to do :-)

One thing and another meant the mast was still not up when we left Stornoway this afternoon but we had a fine old time there - lugging the mast, knitting string and drinking coffee - as you do.

Ammonite with Rear Admiral Gerald aboard knitting string or something. Even the harbour master came to help today.

Afternoon coffee is served in the lovely if compact cabin.

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