Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Days like today

The sun was out an 14c was the temp so a quick romp around in the water was in order. Only, the tide was out when I arrived at the boat in the blow-up, just a foot of the wet stuff underneath so I sat and waited. And Waited a bit more till there was at least 1' 2" below. At this point I got bored and set off.  I got stuck on the bottom soon after and the o/b cut out as I hadn't closed the choke!

Luck was on my side. The tide was coming in and with a little bit of help from a small anchor and the re-started o/b I was soon out into the raging seas.

Lovely light glistening up from the smooth water barely ruffled by the light breeze. But there was enough to fill the sails and propel me forth and back across the harbour.
I managed to avoid the leaving ferry and the arriving Norwegian fish carrier boat surfing their wakes as I went.

A lovely late October sail on my own in the sunshine

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