Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Phew, what a lovely sail

I mean, look at that!
Obviously, the technical brilliance I was using [phone camera] to capture the scene enhances the reality somewhat. It was not exactly a raging of the seas as I pootled about the outer harbour under the warm sun and I really enjoyed it. I mean, really enjoyed it.

I'd had my head up my bottom for the last few days as a result of feeling somewhat under the weather. I was sulking about not being able to do what I could do when M.E. messes you about - as it does me. But the sailing this morning - apart from being on my own, was lovely. The engine, recently tickled back to life by Angus the Outboard played the game perfectly, starting when it should and propelling me off the mooring and then waiting till I wanted it started again when we'd nearly sailed back there. Oh bliss.

Even the Sarnia Liberty [yes, please go and look - well worth it] played her part and tootled out slowly so not as to create a huge wash - many thanks Sir.

Life is good you know.

I might add here that the gulls messed me about though- pooed and threw-up all over the blow-up while I was out!


  1. its magical when the water is flat and the sun gleaming down..

  2. Lovely, you get some of the best days at this end of the year.