Saturday, 24 October 2015

Freyja is staying in the water

Despite the deteriorating weather conditions up here, Freyja will be staying in the water over the winter - barring unforeseen circumstances. She's not fouled up too much and she's moored in a sheltered area. You never know, like last year we may get out sailing on Christmas Day - what else is there to do?

Earlier this year we had a fine sail on the Caledonian Canal on a hired wee boatee for a few days [despite the snow]. That boat was a plastic affair like Freyja - only bigger, faster and in better condition. Well next year we are hiring the oldest Hire boat in the UK - Zoe, on the Norfolk Broads. Built in 1897  !

Ooh, we are so looking forward to it. Not quite the boat my late parents hire for their honeymoon, but close!

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  1. All the best to Freyja...and hope the sailing in a boat with a Z like me, built in the same year as my grandmother....